North Ferriby Shed

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Do you know any friends or relatives who could benefit from attending the new North Ferriby Shed?

What is the North Ferriby Shed you ask...?

·         A regular gathering which provides the opportunity for people to socialise, learn new skills and for those people who are willing to share their practical skills and knowledge by coaching others.

·         A network of people with whom you are able to share concerns.

·         A self-managed group which means its members decide on its activities, which could initially be simply social, developing into a range of practical workshops over time. For members who are able and wish to volunteer, to carry out small tasks in the Community.

By offering a place for people to meet, talk and make/mend/create as a group, North Ferriby Shed aims to help people gain a renewed purpose and belonging. This in turn can help to reduce isolation and feelings of loneliness and offer a support network within the village.

North Ferriby Shed is a non-profit community organisation owned and run by its members and does not promote particular religious or political views, and it does not tolerate racism, sexism, bullying, social exclusion or denigration.

We hope you share our vision and want to be in at the start of this exciting project helping to create/develop the North Ferriby Shed to ensure its facilities and services are appropriate for the local community (bearing in mind those activities that are already well established in the village).

LOCATION:                              North Ferriby Sports Pavilion (Ferriby Playing Field, Grange Lane)

OPENING TIMES:                    Monday and Wednesday

BETWEEN:                              10am - 1pm