We are also looking for new leaders and helpers in order to give more girls Guiding opportunities. No qualifications are required – just a willingness to share your hobbies and skills with others. Volunteers have the opportunity to take part in all kinds of fun and rewarding activities, make lasting friendships and learn positive values for life. We are looking for regular volunteers but also people who are willing to share their skill or hobby occasionally.

Meeting Days and Information

 Swanland Guides - Mondays

Guides have an exciting and varied programme designed to inspire and challenge girls from 10-14. 
What you do in Guides is up to you, from taking part in lots of exciting activites at regular meetings to special events and trips away.  You will choose from different badges and awards which will help you learn new skills and try new challenges.  You can do some of this on your own and others you'll do in groups in your regular unit meetings. 

 3rd Ferriby Brownies - Thursdays  |  2nd Swanland Brownies - Mondays 

Brownies is about trying new things that teach girls aged 7-10 about themselves, their community and their world.
Brownies introduces girls to a world of new opportunities, challenges and fun. Girls go along to camps, holidays, day trips and sleepovers. They get together with their friends at regular meetings where they learn new hobbies, get creative, explore other cultures and have outdoor adventures. As well as trying activities in their meetings, girls choose from interest badges related to things they want to know more about.

1st Ferriby Rainbows - Thursdays 

Rainbows - a fun and exciting programme for girls aged five to seven, it's all about learning by doing.
Rainbows is all about developing self-confidence, building friendships, learning new things and having fun. Girls get their hands dirty with arts and crafts, get in touch with nature and play games - it's all about learning by doing.