Ladies Group

Hilary Brocklehurst


Depending on how long you have lived in the village, you might think in terms of “Ladies”, or, “Wives”, or “Young Wives”; these are reinventions of the same group. A social club for women meeting on alternate Wednesdays in the Methodist Hall from 8pm.

Its origin is in 1957 when the Methodist church began a “Young Wives” group. Some villagers may remember some founder members, five of whom were, Mary Taylor, Win Ogram, Mary Smith, Betty Allwood and Betty Walker. Meetings began with a hymn and the minister came to address one meeting each year. At that time your membership ended when you were no longer considered young; a very arbitrary 40 years. The W.I. was available but many women did not want to leave friends and so the rules, and the name changed; “Ferriby Wives” was born. There was a similar group affiliated to All Saints’ Church and, in the spirit of church co-operation abroad during the 1960s, the two groups amalgamated in 1967. Ferriby Ladies’ no longer has any religious affiliations but does support the village churches.

The name change to North Ferriby Ladies’ Group” took place in the 1994-5 season so that women of any status should feel welcome; and they do.

The 25th anniversary of the group was celebrated with a dinner at Darley’s and the Golden Jubilee with a wonderful garden party at the home of Lyn Perry at which members all wore something gold to mark the occasion.

Meetings vary a great deal but always include time for a chat over tea and biscuits. Speakers are invited to some and many give their fee to a chosen charity. This is greatly approved of by the membership as the group has always maintained a commitment to giving. Some years there has been a single specific beneficiary organisation but, more usually now, donations are made to local causes and charities perhaps brought to notice through a member or event or meeting. At every meeting there is a collection of 5p pieces into a bottle with a perfectly sized neck. At the AGM each year is a discussion as to where monies should be sent so that all members have to opportunity to express their view.

If you are interested in attending a particular meeting or in joining, email Hilary or simply arrive at the Methodist Hall a little before 20:00 on alternate Wednesdays.