Public Consultation on Landscaping Plans for Open Space

Published: 15 September 2023

New plans have been submitted for the landscaping of the Open Space that sits between Long Plantation Woods and Plot E (the site where the Amazon distribution warehouse is to be built), and can be viewed at using the reference number 22/30356/CONDET.

If you wish to make any comments on these plans then please email them to putting the reference number in the title of your email by September 28th. Despite what the portal may say this application is open for public views, as this was promised to the Parish Council when they met senior officers of ERYC in April.

The Parish Council has long been in discussion with East Riding Council trying to get the soil bunds that are currently on the Open Space removed, and has taken legal advice on the matter.  Using the evidence provided by the Village Questionnaire which was distributed in February 2022, the Parish Council has been successful in communicating the views of residents and what you want to see on the Open Space and a lot of changes have been made in these revised plans.  However it is extremely disappointing to see that soil bunds measuring 1.4m high are still part of the design due to the public safety issues that these present.  This is totally against the views expressed in the questionnaire and the Parish Council is working hard to object to this part of the proposals.

The comments from the Parish Council on this application will be submitted after the next meeting (25th September) but you are encouraged to consider the revised plans and make your views known.