Beacon Lighting

Published: 02 June 2022

If you are attending the beacon lighting ceremony on 2nd June, please note the following:

  • There will be no vehicle parking near the walkway except for those with a disabled person showing an appropriate badge
  • If you have children with you they should be accompanied at all times, especially near the river.  However please tell them to approach a steward in a hi-vis vest or go to the bench near the notice board if they get separated from you.  A DBS Steward will be by the bench
  • The ground is very uneven with many part rabbit holes.  You are advised to stay on the permanent paths, particularly if you are unsteady on your feet
  • Please do not bring dogs with you.  Attempts have been made to cleanse the standing areas but no guarantee can be given.  It is also a place inhabited by wildlife so wash or sanitise hands if they have been in contact with the ground.
  • The RDA cafe will be open for hot drinks and limited food
We hope that everyone will enjoy the event.