Transwaste apply for 24 hour working again

Published: 20 December 2021

Transwaste have submitted the following 12 applications which cover all activities on the site operating 24 hours a day.

21/03247/CM, 21/03248/CM, 21/03249/CM, 21/03250/CM, 21/03251/CM, 21/03252/CM, 21/03253/CM, 21/03254/CM, 21/03255/CM, 21/03256/CM, 21/03257/CM, 21/03258/CM and 21/03268/CM

North Ferriby Parish Council has submitted the an objection to these planning applications and has also written to the Secretary of State to request that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is carried out to ensure that the implication of the proposed changes are fully assessed within the wider context of the area.  It has been confirmed that screening assessment for an EIA is being undertaken and we await to hear the outcome.

Objection to Transwaste applications

EIA screening request letter. 

If you wish to comment on the above applications then you can do so by emailing  and by quoting the application numbers listed above.