Plot E Application Approved

Published: 17 December 2021

North Ferriby Parish Council is exceedingly saddened by what it feels is the ill-considered decision of the ERYC Planning Committee to approve the 'Amazon' Warehouse.

The Parish Council is very grateful to all of those who submitted objections and worked so hard to fight against this application, including Save Ferriby, our Ward Councillors  and residents across the whole village.

 Submission sent to all members of the Planning Committee in advance of the planning meeting.

The Parish Council is currently reviewing whether there are any other options available and so it has written the the Secretary of State requesting a call in.  If this requests is granted a planning inspector will review the application.  This is the only route available to overturn the decision and we will keep you updated on the response we get.

The decision notice for the application has not been issued as there are legal matters to resolved specifically relating to mitigation land for the curlew.