Holding Objection submitted for Plot E

Published: 27 November 2020

North Ferriby Parish Council does not consider that there has been sufficient consultation on this significant major planning application to be able to take a view. We are therefore submitting a holding objection until such a time as we have received a presentation from the applicants and had the opportunity to ask questions and assess any responses.

It has become clear over the last few days that both the applicant and the ERYC are not meeting their respective obligations to consult effectively with this community on the application. We ask that the consultation period be extended until such time as the current Covid restrictions are lifted so that realistic face to face consultation including public meetings, presentations, question and answer sessions can be conducted. It is apparent to us that ERYC are perfectly content to rush through this application under cover of the Covid restrictions and the Christmas/ New Year period.

It is difficult to convey the extent of growing public frustration with the current situation, not only with the scale of what is before us but with the difficulty residents are experiencing in obtaining responses to their concerns.

The overwhelming view of this community is that electronic methods of communication are not a proper way of engagement, considering that this is a major development that if approved, will have a permanent effect on our community.  

A higher proportion of our community is retired (21%) than the East Riding average. Also a higher number of the community than the East Riding average is over 65 (28.87%) and are thus more vulnerable to Covid. The effect is that many have neither the means nor the capability to engage electronically and are disenfranchised from the whole process.

At very short notice before a Parish Council meeting on the 25th November Wykeland offered to give a presentation to the Parish Council solely. You will understand that we are prohibited by legislation from including items not on the published agenda. In addition it would be unethical to hold such a meeting with a developer without the knowledge of residents. It is not our role to act as a conduit for Wykeland.

In short what is occurring is shambolic, disorganised, rushed and unfair.

We have examined the East Riding Statement of Community Involvement, in particular Section 3 Para. 3.8 and 3.9. It is clear that there are failings both by the applicant and the Council in respect of their obligations in this policy.

The applicant has not included any reference to consultation with the public in the Design and Access Statement and the Council appears not to have considered its obligation to arrange “a local exhibition or display of the proposals so that the public have adequate opportunity to examine the detailed proposals and respond”.

If this failure is because of restrictions imposed by Covid then it adds further weight to the view that the consultation process must be suspended until these obligations can be discharged. Not doing anything is not a suitable alternative.

North Ferriby Parish Council