Developments on Melton Fields

Published: 23 September 2020

North Ferriby Parish Council would like to give you an update of the recent developments on Melton Fields that have not managed to make it into our autumn newsletter .

In the last couple of weeks many residents have contacted us with great alarm as they have seen large amounts of soil being moved against Plantation Woods.  The parish council would like to reassure you that we have had it confirmed by a Senior Strategic Planning Officer that the soil is temporarily stored in this location. The soil will have to be re-configured into the bunds to provide a suitable medium for planting and a good separation distance to the trees so as not to impede the health of the existing trees.’

As you will be aware the field next to Plantation Wood (known as Plot E) is due for development by Wykeland and was mentioned in the brochure that was distributed at the end of August.  The plans for this site are expected to be submitted for public consultation in October. As part of the planning application for this site it is expected that the plans submitted will include the design of the bunding and details of the space between the existing trees and the development .

North Ferriby Parish Council is not a statutory consultee on the developments taking place on this land as it lies outside the parish boundary (it falls within the Parish of Welton). However this does not prevent us from raising concerns over the impact of the development on the village.  To enable further discussion we can confirm that Senior Planning Officers from ERYC and Wykeland will attend the North Ferriby Parish Council meeting on Monday 28th of September to be held via zoom at 7:30 PM to discuss the development of the Melton Fields site and the implications this will have for North Ferriby.  The agenda for this meeting is available here.

If you would like to join this meeting and have the opportunity to raise questions with these people directly please contact the Clerk either by using the contact form, emailing or by calling 01482 631822.