Transwaste 24 hour working Refused

Published: 17 September 2019

The ERYC Planning Committee refused the planning application for Transwaste to operate around the clock on Thursday 12th September.

ERYC Councillors voted 8 to 4 against the application, which is the second time the committee has refused to extend the operating hours in the last 6 months.  Thanks to all residents who backed the Parish Council and objected to this application.  The reason stated in the refusal document is that:

The close proximity of the site and proposed additional unrestricted 24 hour operating times to neighbouring residential properties would have a detrimental impact on their amenity by the generation of additional disturbance.   

Transwaste also is appealing the original decision to refuse 24 hour working with the Planning Inspectorate.  The Parish Council have submitted additional comments to the Planning Inspector (full document can be found here).