Planning Committee

How the Planning System Works 

  1. Applicant applies to East Riding Of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) for planning permission if needed.
  2. ERYC refers the application to the Parish Council and other statutory bodies for comment.  Each application is reviewed at a meeting of the Planning Committee and residents are informed through notices being placed on near-by lamp-posts or by registering on the on-line planning system.
  3. The Parish Council does not take the final decision but can recommend approval or refusal, taking into account views of residents who can attend Parish Council meetings to state their views. The final decision does not always follow the Parish Council’s recommendations.
  4. The application can either be decided by ERYC planning officers under delegated powers or it can go to the ERYC Western Area Planning Committee or ERYC Strategic Planning Committee for a decision, taking into account the Parish Council's and Resident's views who may be allowed to attend committee meetings.
  5. An appeal by the applicant against an ERYC decision can be made to the Planning Inspectorate at Bristol who will give a decision. This can only be challenged in the Courts.

Accessing Planning Applications Online

To view Planning Applications via the East Riding Planning Public Access Page, enter the Reference Number (available from the Clerk  and published in the planning minutes) then click the search button. To make a comment on a planning application you will have to register and log in. You can also write to the Case Officer at ERYC, Beverley, HU17 9BA or email and always make sure you quote the Reference Number. 

Planning Committee  

Please let the Parish Council know your concerns. If you have submitted or are affected by a planning application, you may address the Planning Committee of the Parish Council at their 7 pm meeting.  The following Councillors are members of the Planning Committee:-


  • Chairman : Cllr Belinda Hookem
  • Vice Chairman : Cllr Roy Holborn
  • Cllr Mike Abraham
  • Cllr Claire Allmendinger
  • Cllr Terry Black
  • Cllr Phil Blogg

East Riding Local Plan 

The East Riding Local Plan determines the amount of development across the East Riding between now and 2029 and was fully approved by ERYC on 28 August 2016. Residents may be aware that North Ferriby Parish Council has taken every opportunity to participate in and influence the development of the Plan.

For North Ferriby this confirms the establishment of an allocation of 165 dwellings in the village. In respect of Melton Fields, the Inspector dismissed the view that the site should be considered as open space and the part of it closest to houses in North Ferriby should not be built on.  He considered that it is suitable for allocation for employment purposes. 

 The Local Plan Update has now reached the examination stage by the Planning Inspector.  North Ferriby Parish Council will be attending some of the hearing sessions to ensure that changes that are proposed by ERYC are incorporated into the final version of the updated plan.

For further information please see news articles which were included in the Newsletters listed below:-

Summer Newsletter 2021 

Summer Newsletter 2023

The below still applies until the revised Local Plan is adopted (in 2024)

Future Development in Ferriby

The East Riding Local Plan allows for a total of 165 dwellings in the village in the period to 2029. See Allocations document and Ferriby Allocation Map (pictured). Read the key below: 

  • FER-A Land at Godfrey Robinson House 20
  • FER-B Land off Ferriby High Road 113 - planning application 21/03132/STPLF
  • FER-C Land East of Wilson Close 18 (now completed)
  • FER-D Land at Grange Lane
  • TOTAL: 165 
By far the largest of these is for 113 Dwellings off Ferriby High Road to the east of the school (Reference Number FER-B)

The planning application for 115 Dwellings off Ferriby High Road has now been submitted (21/03132/STPLF) Whilst the principle for development has been established through the Local Plan, the Parish Council is continuing its efforts, together with Ward Councillors, to secure the type of accommodation that we have evidenced is required in the village to meet the needs of residents. We have already secured provision of additional recreation land to the south of the development site and adjacent to the existing playing field.


Ferriby allocation map